Paper folding animation using only CSS

Some time ago, I was experimenting with CSS3 transformations and transitions using Sass. Then, I decided to port these experiments into a Codepen to share it with the Internet community because I think that they are interesting. Read More »

CSS3 pseudo-classes to select elements

A pseudo-class is a CSS selector that helps us to select DOM elements taking into account their state instead of their information. Some of the most used pseudo-classes are :hover, :active or :focus. CSS3 brings some pseudo-classes that help us to select elements taking into account their position in the DOM tree. In this tutorial I’ll cover some of them.
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Transformations and transitions in CSS3

I have been thinking since long time ago into making a basic tutorial about transformations and transitions in CSS3. This kind of technique allows us to transform HTML elements and even animate them without appeal to JavaScript. Using CSS3 animations the calculations are made by the GPU instead of the CPU, and most of the time this ends in smoother and preciser animations because the calculations can be made using non-integer numbers.

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