Live Shapes in Illustrator

Live Shapes is a functionality that was necessary in Adobe Illustrator since a long time ago. The possibility of drawing a geometric shape and edit its own properties later on, and not necessarily on the moment in which the shape was created, is something so basic that it is hard to believe that it was not available in a professional software as Adobe Illustrator. Something so basic as crating a rectangle with round corners and later be able to edit the curvature of those corners, was impossible to achieve in Illustrator but nevertheless it was available in the discontinued Freehand.

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Isometric projections in Illustrator

Most of the designers, have dealt with isometric projections in some moment of their careers. Very useful if one wants to represent industrial products in a user manual or to explain the functionality of a mechanism.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to approach this kind of axonometry in an easy way, using Adobe Illustrator.

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Geometry in web applications

Maths are present in our everyday life. As a popular TV show states: “We all use math every day”. In client-side web development we need to appeal –among other subjects– to geometry and trigonometry in the moment that we require to build applications with a high level of animations and interactivity.

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